Fizz Bar

Where every sip tastes heavenly and every chat goes on forever

Fizz Bar of the Hotel Mercer Sevilla

The hotel’s distinctive cocktail culture

Behind the counter, the imposing FIZZ Bar shelf and its collection of bottles are in themselves a statement of intent. The bartender, a master cocktail maker, demonstrates their art in creating the perfect drink.

International influences, unexpected flavours, exotic combinations, delicate nuances, surprising presentations, healthy options, 100% natural, alcohol-free cocktails, Mercer exclusive cocktails... It’s time to shake that shaker and be amazed by other concoctions that go beyond gin and tonic.

In addition to this, if you wish, accompany your drink with one of our original gourmet tapas. Because there are times to go with the flow, right?

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Fizz Bar: cocktails at the Mercer Sevilla Hotel

Tel. +34 954 223 004
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Monday to Sunday, from 16.00 to 23.00h

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Un espacio inspirado en las clásicas coctelerías del East Village neoyorquino