Dream in rooms that cuddle your dreams

Double bed bedroom at Mercer Sevilla Hotel
Mercer Style

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The hotel’s rooms are arranged around the spectacular central courtyard of the former Casa Palacio Castelar, a middle-class mansion dating from the 19th century: Elegant and exclusive rooms and suites featuring all the latest amenities -as our pillows menu- that wrap the guest up in absolute comfort for a luxury stay in Seville.

Bed in suite room at the Mercer Sevilla Hotel


​The Mercer Suite is the jewel of our luxury hotel and probably one of the most striking rooms in the whole city. A space designed to live, to be... But also to dream and feel special.

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Junior Suite at the Mercer Sevilla Hotel

Junior Suite

Staying in a Junior Suite is more than just a chic experience. Exclusive rooms in a stunning setting that connects with the vibrant cultural life of Seville. Discreet and timeless luxury is the hallmark of the Mercer style.

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Deluxe Room at Hotel Mercer Sevilla


​Happiness is within your reach. Just enjoy the little moments that life gives you, such as the ones you can experience in a Deluxe Room. May you be so happy that you don’t know whether it’s real or you’re dreaming in Seville. Just let it all happen.

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Exclusivity and elegance in every detail. Feel the Mercer style